Low voltage electronic pump with adjustable flow up to 2800 L/h. Suitable for both fresh and marine water - ideal for in-sump use.

Silent Flow: high performance, yet silent.

Soft Start: pump gradually increases flow rate until the set value is reached.

Internal Memory: settings are retained even in the event of power failure.
Maximum Flow 2800
Maximum Head 2.6m
Power Supply 100-240v 50/60Hz
Colour nero
Controller Standard
Power Consumption 24 v / 1 A
Inlet Diameter 1"
Outlet Diameter 0.75"
Dimensions L116 x W 65 x H 104 mm
Energy Save Mode

To set water flow in traditional AC Pump, it is necessary to cut the water quantity in the main tube, so that the pump start to overwork; using this system the waist of energy is guaranteed. ELOS Silent Flow SF3000 pump has a digital controller that give us the opportunity to set the water flow, so that the electricity consume will always be connecter to the power settings. Some of our pump have also a PRO controller; the PRO controller has a screen where you can always check the electricity consume at real time.


Maximum Head
2.6 m
Maximum Flow
2800 l/h
Power consumption

Inside and Outside Water

SF3000 Pump can work inside and outside water too, thanks to his dragging magnetic engine that is seal up and watertight.

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