PlanetCompact II

LED Light essentials


Our approach has always been to offer the highest possible reliability and durability.
Even under severe conditions our products meet or exceed the highest expectations of our customers.

PlanetCompact,  the smaller version of the PRO, is the result of one decade of experience in LED illumination, uncompromisingly high quality standards, and continuous development by innovative international teams made up of both experts and users.

All these elements influence what we put into practice in our HI-TECH laboratories and during the ELOS manufacturing process.

The best materials, combined with reliable precision mechanics and careful manufacturing, guarantee outstanding performance and years of enjoyment and lasting value.

Up to 60 cm of coverage

… with a single light

ELOS PlanetCompact is designed to ensure that the light is evenly spread from the front to the back of an average aquarium and from edge to edge at the substrate level.
A single fixture, positioned at 10 cm above the water surface, ensures at least 85% of its maximum PAR on a surface of approximately 50 x 50 cm (20” x 20”), an emission that is still above 50% of its peak at 60 cm off the center of the light!
This permits us to use a single light, where as before you would have needed to use two.

Note: If it is necessary to obtain a higher PAR reading in some areas of the tank, or to concentrate the light onto a smaller surface you can install narrow beam optics (optional extra). 

Designed to last

With it’s aluminum body, ELOS PlanetCOMPACT is designed for longer life… to protect your investment over time.

iOS and Android Apps

ELOS Android and IOS apps for ELOS Wi-Fish allows you to use your smart phone to control your aquarium light, so that you can access it from anywhere.

ELOS Wi-Fish is an optional accessory, that works in combination with your home router and most mobile Wi-Fi or web-enabled devices to control your PlanetCompact, and if you have an Android device you can also, use the NFC capabilities. 

With the available strips (White, Red, Blue, or Green), you can design the spectrum of your Planet-Compact to your taste.

Whether you own a planted tank, a marine fish tank or maybe a full reef aquarium, your PlanetCompact can be adapted to your specific needs.

We supply it with a basic LED combination that can be adapted to on request by mixing the available strips.

Maxiumum efficiency, minimum power consumption

Maximum Efficiency from the LED. The new L-AMP Driver® in the PlanetCompact has been developed to fully exploit the exceptional performance of new generation LEDs at a Low Power Consumption.

Compared to conventional LED fixtures, ELOS PlanetCompact can deliver the same amount of light using as little as 60% of the power consumption.
Furthermore it permits to drive our LED strips at lower current, thus achieving an efficiency of 80 lm/watt where competitors are sometimes as low as 50 lm/watt.
This means, that at the same power consumption, ELOS PlanetCompact is up to 40% more luminous! 

4 programmable timers

The four System Timers (R-G-B-W), are independently programmable to simulate the sunrise-sunset cycle, varying the intensity and the spectrum of each of the 6 channels during the day or the night. 

Controllable with any device

And if you're a tech guy, with your smartphone you will be able to program the most important parameters of the lamp at the touch of your Android device, or with any iOS, Mac or PC over WiFi.

Easy to use like pressing a button!

Press the button, placed under the lamp to start the day-cycle. From then on the internal timers will repeat the same sunrise-sunset cycle day after day, without the need to program the light with external devices, programs or Apps.


With the range of acessories you’ll be able to adapt the light to your needs

Led strips

6 different strips available, for any combination of light.

Fixing Bracket

Available in 4 different models, form different type of tank

Suspension Kit

Available for a single or double setup

WiFi module

Optional WiFi module.

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