Essential FILTER

High Quality Canister Filters

Our approach has always been to offer the highest possible reliability and durability.
Even under severe conditions our products meet or exceed the highest expectations of our customers.

ELOS F100, line of filter perfectly reflects our approach.
Realized in stainless steel, equipped with a detachable DC pump, with an interchangable body they are designed to last.

The best materials, combined with reliable precision mechanics and careful manufacturing, guarantee outstanding performance and years of enjoyment and lasting value.

PVC and Stainless Steel

… for maximum durability

ELOS uses, for the bodies of its filters, 316L stainless steel, generally used in high technology, aerospace and chemical industries to ensure maximum corrosion resistance.
It is an extremely durable alloy, which keeps all its beauty even in the most extreme environments.
Treated with a surface finishing process that consists in a selective removal of impurities in the anodic phase, providing for the establishment of a uniform film on the surface of the body, and the removal of riblets.
The flanges made of PVC guarantee perfect tightness and longevity.

DC pump

Small, silent, with adaptable flow, easy to service DC pump is incorporated in all our filters. This efficient pump incorporates a Brushless DC motor controlled by an electronic circuit to grant a lifespan 500 times longer than similar DC pump available on the market.
The continuos working and noise is granted by the use of an high precision zirconium ceramic shaft and a rotor that runs over an high-precision Grafinte sleeve. Tested one-by-one they will grant a long lasting performance.

Reversed flow

… for simplified maintenance

Maintenance of our filters is extremely easy. No need to remove the filter or detach it from the aquarium.
All you need to do is open the top lid and remove the materials to be cleaned. 
Thanks to the reversed flow design (water entering from the top) it will be easy to clean the mechanical material without the need to remove the biological material that is housed in the middle part of the filter, after the chemical (carbon or resin) layers. 


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Thanks to the construction in stainless steel


… to your needs thanks to the interchangeable body


thanks to the reversed flow that simplify the maintenance.


With this range of consumable you’ll be able to fill up the filter with the materials of your needs

Filter fleece

A fine filter pad that can be cut to dimension.


A natural material to house denitrifying bacteria.


Highly pure, natural carbon ideal to remove dissolved organics. 


Spare filter sponge properly sized (diameter = 100 mm)

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